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An author interview with Jack Sussek

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Manhattan Affair is a tale of New York City nostalgia mixed with murder, conspiracy and sex.

Mr Average, AKA, Jed Chase is living the quiet live; this is until he falls for Katherine Cahill whose dark secrets threaten to destroy Jed’s dreams, his career and ultimately his life. She seduces Jed into helping her plot her husband’s murder in order to inherit his billions, and it isn’t until he’s sucked into her plot that he realises the truth…

WWBB: So, who is this Jed Chase? What’s his background?

JS: Jed Chase, born and raised in NYC; kind of an average, mediocre upper middle class upbringing when NYC still had a middle class (story takes place in late 20th century Manhattan), not a risk taker, more of a desk man comfortable in his security; job, apartment, friends, etc.

WWBB: He sounds like Mr Average. Did you choose a beta character purposely?

JS: Kind of, I knew the female character, Katherine Cahill, the femme fatale if you will, would be very much the opposite of average so I had that in mind as Jed’s character evolved.

WWBB: What is Jed Chase’s main goal in life?

JS: Tow the line, stay out of trouble, retire comfortably, maintain a decent social life. Just as well he couldn’t see into the future!

WWBB: I guess, he’d have stayed in bed. It sounds like he’s become embroiled in the criminal underworld and his ‘charmed’ life has become the opposite of safe. If you were Jed’s best friend what words of wisdom would you give him?

JS: ‘Jed, you’re out of your league on this one, buddy. I’d get out while you can before it is too late.’ – Of course, it’s too late by the time he hears that bit of advice.

WWBB: He’s in an elevator  with his favourite TV movie star, how would he react?

JS: Non-nonchalantly, celebrity does not impress him, in fact he disdains any fawning or ‘groupie’ behavior.

WWBB: Is he happy now his story has been told?

JS: Yes, his story, as told by him in the novel, is sort of a combination confessional and catharsis exercise. He needs to tell the whole story, needs to feel someone might have some empathy for him, needs to feel as though someone out there would understand him.

WWBB: To find out more about Jack Sussek and Manhattan Affair head on over to his website below:

Jack Sussek Website | Twitter


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Jack Sussek was born in California and raised on the East Coast of the United States, attended boarding school in Massachusetts and graduated from the George Washington University in Washington, DC with a degree in English. He has worked in the timber business in the Pacific Northwest and in Australia, on sailboats in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, and in surveillance, counter-surveillance, and remote site logistics in Europe, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. He has published short stories in various literary magazines. MANHATTAN AFFAIR is his first novel. He is currently working on his next novel. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.

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