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Ana BuFaye definitely believes in things that go bump in the night.

Unholy Pursuit: The Devil on My Trail is futuristic, paranormal, romance story that also contains elements of sci-fi, horror, common sense, and philosophy. It’s a novel about the eternal battle of good versus evil set 500 years in the future that features saints, immortals, demons, and spirits.
A recently single mother with a supernatural past suddenly finds her life in turmoil. Energy and a fighting attitude are her two best friends as she is always on the road fleeing malevolent forces coming after her. She gives as good as she gets and always manages to stay one step ahead of her pursuers due to her inner qualities and otherworldly assistance. She is more than just a tough, strong woman fighting to save her family: she is a warrior called to battle to fight for the greater good.
Unbeknownst to her, the one in whose arms she sought love and comfort in is actually an immortal, who according to ancient texts and tomes, myths, and legends is far worse than Lucifer.
Her new love is the former king of hell, Azazel.
And now, an interview with the heroine of The Devil on my Trail: Unholy Pursuit by A. White.

Introduce yourself.

I’m Ana Preston BuFaye Wyett. I’m 27, and I don’t worry about getting older. It’s a blessing that I live to another day. I’m a Time Walker from the future, born in 2462 A.D. You could say I walked into the past. I have dark auburn hair and deep amber eyes.

To which social class do you belong?

Lower to Middle Middle Class

What is your background? What makes you you?

Well, I’m female, an African American, and what makes me me? I’d say my honesty and fighting skills.

Do you own a gun (or any other weapon)? Killed anyone (either purposely or not)?

Yes, pistols, swords, daggers. My mentor, Mother Harris, a warrior saint from the 21st century, taught me how to properly use a blade. I don’t kill if I don’t have to. Those who pursue us are killers. It’s them or us.

What sort of fighting skills do you have?

I grew up on a farm and learned how to use a pistol. My parents taught me how to use a gun. The rest of my abilities are inherent. I was born with these abilities. I’m what’s called a Warrior Saint. People do not believe our kind still exists. Just like there are heavenly members of the Army, then there are earthly members also. I was born one of the earthly members.


Are you a human?

I’m what’s called a Warrior Saint, but I’m human. If Nikola had his way, I would be a witch. Although, I know a few witches and we get along well if they don’t try to hex me for Nikola. I’m simply a gifted person learning to use my abilities. The future is vastly different from your era. We have humanoid androids to do the shopping and housekeeping. We have cars that fly. Air traffic is very common.

Do you have any annoying habits, quirks, strange mannerisms, or other defining characteristics?

My straight-forward ways take people off-guard.

I like that type of honesty.

Thank you.

What kind of distinguishing facial features do you have?

People say I have very expressive eyes, a heart-shaped mouth and amber eyes. Oh, yeah, I do have a mole on my left chin but other than that, lucky for me, I have no marks that would make it easy to identify me.

Why? Are people out to kill you?

Yes, I’m in hiding with my seven-year-old daughter, Bea. People are stalking us; trying to kill us. Nikola kidnapped Bea once, and I had to fight to get her back. He fire-bombed the place I was living in. I despise him. His evil knows no boundary.

What’s your enemy, Nikola’s, story?

He and his hoodlums are hunting me. Since I refuse to marry him and allow him to use my powers, he put out an order to capture me and bring me to him. The fate of his previous high witches has been sad. They all ended up gutted, frozen and on display.

Nikola is a Time Walker just like myself. He was once just like me until he lost his family to Orman, the Grand Wizard before him and became the Magnus and now he’s the strongest wizard in the world.

What would be your biggest wish/desire?

That Bea, my daughter has a better life than the present.

Are you in love?

Yes, but not stupidly in love.


Oh, don’t leave it there! Everyone likes a bit of romance. Who are you in love with? Does he or she respond to your love?

I will give a little bit of my history as to why I said I’m not stupidly in love. I’m a divorcee. Thad, Bea’s father, broke my heart, so I learned to be more careful with it. The man I’m in love with now is not human. He’s the fallen former guardian named Azazel.

Are you easily angered?

No, I’m easy going until I’m angry. But seeing an injustice committed against innocent people would make me angry.

Do you have a spouse or significant other?

Can’t get involved with others. It’s unsafe. People who get too close to me end up dead. Sorry if that sounds vague. In the 25th century, technology exists that can track one far greater than that of the 21st century, and I must be careful. I can cloak myself, or angels sometimes cloak me from Nikola’s worldwide organization, but technology is often used to find me.

Ah, so how does this affect your love interest?

Being who he is, Azazel, and I, being who I am, the angels disapprove of our union and are constantly separating us and erasing our memories, but through the years we find each other again and again.

Do you have a secret?

Okay, my big secret is that Bea isn’t a full human.

OMG! Your daughter isn’t a full human? That’s some secret! Is that why you’re on the run/in hiding? Does she have special powers? How did she come into being?

Bea isn’t exactly a Nephilim, but she does bear the essence of Azazel. She possesses his fire and ability to teleport, which is unusually strong for a seven-year-old girl. I can’t say where she got a bad attitude from, maybe from Thad as he has a bad attitude problem.

Azazel and I weren’t together as a couple when Bea was conceived. Bea’s father, Thad, was having an affair and I was trying to hold on to him. We just had a romantic evening, and I thought everything was back to normal after we made love, but he got up and walked out, telling me he would be back shortly. I knew he wasn’t coming back. I cried a heart-breaking cry then turned out the light because I didn’t want to see what a mess I had become because of love.

I don’t know how long I had been crying when I felt someone gather me in their arms. At first, I thought it was Thad who had changed his mind and came back, but the man had far too much hair to be Thad. I guess, had I been in my right mind, I would’ve screamed and tried to get away from him but I didn’t. I discovered, the next morning, that it was Azazel. He disappeared when he noticed I’d seen him. He later showed up for Bea’s birth. But, no, Bea’s birth has nothing to do with why I’m hiding.


Is Azazel a good guy?

LOL! No, Azazel isn’t a good guy. Oh yes, he’s good to me, but he isn’t a good guy! He isn’t stalking me. He’s trying to protect both Bea and me whenever the angels allow him. But he is still Azazel. That’s why people give me a hard time about loving him. They point out he’s evil.

How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings?

I learned it’s best to keep them to myself. When always having to make dangerous split seconds decisions emotions serves no purpose other than to overwhelm me and get us killed. Ashton is the mortal name Azazel wears. He’s always asking me to express my feelings.

Thank you, Ana, it sounds like you’re living a tough life! I can’t wait to read your story. I just hope it all turns out well for you.

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