Enjoy a #pirate adventure? Check out Vann Gellis: The Birth of a Pirate #thriller

Vann Gellis: The Birth of a Pirate (Vann Gellis – Pirate of the Gods Book 1)

Larry B. Litton Jr

The first installment of Larry B. Litton Jr.’s long awaited series, The Pirate of the Gods – chronicles the epic journey of Vann Gellis, the Christian boy turned pirate.

“My father once told me that even when justice hangs by the tiniest of threads we must cling to the law, for it’s the only thing that separates man from beasts. But he was wrong, sometimes a man has no choice but to take justice into his own hands.”

17th century Nassau is a haven for pirates with a government who enables, and even encourages piracy and profiteering. Samuel Gellis is one of the only pious men to be found in Nassau. He has been wrongfully imprisoned by the corrupt Jonathon Anvil. Vann Gellis must find a way to raise the money necessary to free his father. But Vann has a special gift that his father believes was bestowed upon him by God.

“My father told me to stay on the path of righteousness. He told me to I was to be the beacon of light for the world to see God through me and nothing should cause me to stray. But I became a Pirate bastard so I could free him because God did not answer my calls for help.”

But Vann does stray. He joins the crew of the Wicked Night, the most brutal pirate ship known in the Caribbean captained by Alain Masterson, the most infamous and savage pirate to have ever sailed the sea. Vann uses his gift to discover where a massive Spanish treasure is hidden and he kidnaps a hostage held by Masterson to go find it.

But Vann is picked up by another pirate ship, captained by the beautiful Jean Valdemere. They quickly find something in common, their love for each other and they go together to seek the treasure. But before they get there, they happen upon Ezra the Holik, a seer from the Obedeah tribe who has been sent by God to stop Vann. But Vann is determined to save his father, and not even God can stop him from seeking his revenge. Vann faces an epic decision that could haunt all of humanity for the rest of time.

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