Oh wow, this sounds so good! A mixture of romance, family betrayal, fantasy and mythology @Hannahecarey #got #mythology #fantasy #romance

The Betrayer: Tales of Pern Coen

(Legacy Book 1)


Hannah E Carey

Two brothers vie for her heart, but which one is to be trusted and which one is working to plunge the land into darkness?

Ciara of Arth has longed to follow in her aunt’s footsteps and become a warrior, but her dreams are crushed when she is denied the opportunity to join the Clan of Arth’s war band.

With her heart broken, she discovers that the one man she has always trusted the most, Niall, is no longer there for her to turn to. Instead, she finds comfort in the arms of his brother, a man she never saw herself falling for. But Bleddyn shows her that there is more to him than she first thought and soon, she is carving out a future at his side.

What Ciara doesn’t know is that Niall’s disappearance from her life wasn’t of his own choosing. He’s carrying a secret. One that could shatter what little faith the people of the Clan of Blaidd have in him as their new Ri.

Fate throws Ciara and Niall back together when they least expect it, but there are other, darker powers at work on the island of Pern Coen. One man is at the center of the growing darkness, but is it the man that Ciara thinks it is? And by the time she discovers the truth, will she have given her heart to the wrong person?

A Celtic inspired romantic fantasy with mythical lore, adventure, intrigue, and a strong romance. Plenty of sizzle and swoon, but no explicit content. Perfect for fans of Shari L. Tapscott, Kenley Davidson, Sylvia Mercedes, and Juliet Marillier.

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